Online Ordering System

Online Ordering System

Maxim has developed its own online ordering system to enhance the ordering process for our customers. Our customer service team and IT team work hand-in-hand to recognize the needs of our customers and to incorporate those needs into our system as quickly possible. Our system is not limited to tracking and managing orders, it can also organize order data into meaningful reports and analysis for brands and retailers.


A better In-Plant Printing System designed just for you

  • Customized features
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Supporting for various products - labels, tags, and RFID
  • Printing and encoding with speed, quality and accuracy
  • Cost and time efficiency
  • Same account with your e-Max

Maxim’s MAXPrint provides the package of everything you need for in-plant printing:

  • Customized software
  • Customized printers
  • Professional verifiers
  • High-quality consumables
  • On-site trainings
  • 24/7 technical support & services


Contact your local sales today to arrange a demo with our IPPS experts.