Help the Planet, Plant-A-Tree

17th , Sep 2019

After three long weeks, the world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon, is still burning. In its wake, lush acreage has been reduced to smoke and ash. Trees, insects, animals, and medicinal plants are gone leaving the world to wonder, “what’s next?” The devastation of this forest fire is two-fold: the trees that once purified the air and brought life to our earth now pollute the ozone with poisonous gasses themselves. NASA reports show that surface temperatures in northern Brazil and eastern Bolivia exceed 220 degrees Fahrenheit (104 degrees Celsius), which is the highest temperature technology is able to measure.


The Amazon fires are part of an ongoing effort to deforest the land, clearing way for herds of cattle and other agriculture, in addition to illegal logging and mining of the land. Exchanging the world’s largest rainforest for short-term production will lead to long-term destruction across the globe. Without the Amazon’s trees to absorb the carbon dioxide produced by the world’s practices of burning fossil fuels, changes to the earth’s climate increases. This hurts everyone, making it harder to preserve this earth and our collective health.


In an effort to preserve the planet’s wellness and keep our air clean and safe, Maxim is committed to minimizing our impact on the environment. We integrate sustainable practices in all of our offices and manufacturing facilities. It's imperative that we begin working together in the wake of this disaster. Maxim has been coordinating efforts to maintain a sustainable forest with our Plant-A-Tree project. Our sustainable forests in China and Vietnam are our small way of trying to replace what's been lost. For more info or how to join this cause, please contact us @

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